Does thanking a caregiver really make a difference?

Think about it - when was the last time that someone sincerely thanked you for something?

How about for something that was hard and that you had to do even though it was really rather difficult on a lot of levels?

When we thank a caregiver from our heart, we are seeing them. We are acknowledging the work that they do.

When we see them in this way, it helps lift them up.

Thanking a caregiver helps them feel the love that they are giving because you are reflecting it back to them. It is a caring, simple, and normal way to love those around us.

Thanking a caregiver can change their life. It can make it safer for them to talk, to commiserate, to express their fears and concerns, and it can help them realize that they could potentially use some help.

Rather than opening a can of worms by acknowledging that they are caregiving, by thanking a caregiver you can be the first step in helping to connect them with resources that could bring them relief.

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